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Indoor | Outdoor Wedding Lighting


From a soft, ambient glow to a room to simply accenting a floral centerpiece, lighting can profoundly transform your wedding.

A Before and After Picture - Cake spot lighting


Up Lighting - Most Popular Option

Up-Lighting is one of the most cost effective and dramatic ways of making your wedding ceremony and/or reception truly unforgettable and memorable. We can offer colored lights or warm whites and golden hues to accent an already vivid room and create depth and drama with illumination. We offer color match up-lighting for our clients with our LED lights. These lights are positioned around the room, behind the dance floor or along architectural features of the venue to accent the colors of your party and add warmth to the overall space.

Pin Spot

Pinspotting is a lighting technique used by Aardvark Entertainment to bring attention and illumination to various areas of your event. It’s important because pinspotting can help showcase your floral centerpieces, bring attention to a bridal or groom’s cake, create visible walkways for outdoor nighttime events, assist your guests with seeing your outdoor food stations, spotlight product showcases or fashion runways, and more. It is one of the most intricate lighting tools you can utilize for your indoor or outdoor event.

Asian Globes

These add a whimsical and soft look to any wedding. Illuminated or not, Aardvark Entertainment has the styles and colors that fit your event's decor. Our lighting professionals can set-up a beautiful strings of globes that grace an area.

Colors include for our globe lights: classic white or just about any other color, they can even change during the evening. At Aardvark Entertainment have all the right stuff to make this look a possibility at your event.

Bistro Lighting

Cafe Bulbs, Bistro Lights, String O’ Lights, Festoon Lighting. Whatever you want to call them, these magnificent little lights, can make a big impact on your next outdoor event!

Looking for new ways to add a vintage look to your next event? Let the lighting professionals at Aardvark Entertainment, design a canopy over any common place or seating area. Looking for an inexpensive way to create an illuminated walkway? You’ve come to the right place.

Soft & Romantic. Crisp & Vibrant. Incandescent or LED. Whatever your style, let Aardvark Entertainment customize the lighting for your next outdoor event.

Tent Lighting

Take Your Event to New Heights

A tent is like a fresh canvas for creating the event atmosphere you’ve always envisioned. Team up with Aardvark Entertainment and create your tent using a variety of lighting and decorative items. Using the architecture of your tent (i.e. size, height, ceiling shape, and structure), your Aardvark Entertainment lighting designer will outline a collection of lighting options for you to choose from. Aardvark Entertainments clients are provided access to our extensive design portfolio and collection of tent lighting concepts to brainstorm along the way.

To receive a custom tent lighting quote, simply gather the following information and request a quote online through our website:

  • Tent dimensions
  • Tent type (white or clear top)
  • Event location

Tree/Path Illumination

The world is a magical place. Filled with unique scenic landscapes, Idaho has become an event destination all its own. Offering stunning views, gorgeous sunsets, & unique settings, more people are having outdoor events than ever before!

But what happens when the sun sets, and the stars come out to fill the night sky? How can you keep the beauty of the outdoors visible, for everyone to see? What options are available to you?

Well, Aardvark has you covered! Our wide range of LED lighting staff has made illuminating outdoor events possible for ANY setting. For outdoor events, we have mother nature to thank for the perfect backdrop. We love creating unique, high-end, fully customizable designs for outdoor events. The best part is, we have control over the color & intensity of our lighting products.

No Power?

If you are planning on having an outdoor event, you may be asking yourself, “I have the perfect location, but there is no power or electricity available. How can I have my reception in the evening, if there is no power?” The answer is simple. Aardvark has LED luminaries that operate on built-in battery packs, thus eliminating the need for access to an electrical power supply.

Moonlights Globes or Spheres for your Event

We carry Moonlights for decor and rentals. Engineered, developed and manufactured in Germany, Moonlight® has won numerous design awards and has received some of the lighting industry's highest ratings for resistance to damaging elements like moisture and dust intrusion. Our design team will implement globes and spheres design to create a contemporary feel to your event. Spheres add dimension to rooms and space. Illumination is included in pricing. Ask how we can transform the ordinary to extraordinary.

Here is a list of lighting services we can provide for your wedding:

  • Dramatic Uplighting
  • Custom Logo Projection
  • Table Pin Spotting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Pattern/Texture Projection
  • Dance Lighting
  • Band Lighting
  • Lanterns
  • Illuminated Decor
  • Prop & Theme Lighting
  • Intelligent Lighting Packages
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Tent Lighting
  • Head Table Lighting

Why Use Lighting?

It is one of the elements, along with scent and temperature, that subliminally influences the atmosphere of your event.

  • We merge the latest technology with your vision and our creativity to suit the look and feel you want to create.
  • As well as being highly versatile, lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways of making your event exceptional.
  • You can choose how you want to transform your room or event venue with LED Uplighting.
  • Change the color of the entire room, of several walls, or simply highlight your buffet table.