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What is Dance Heads?

A new, innovative, funny and mesmerizing form of party entertainment! DANCE HEADS has captivated audiences and participants of all ages. The hilarity begins when participants' heads are superimposed on the bodies of professional dancers.

It Keeps guests of all ages entertained and coming back for more! It is not just lip-synching, or just karaoke, but rather professionally produced music videos DANCE HEADS with your guests as the stars! DANCE HEADS is the original and only properly licensed product of its kind.

Flat screen monitors allow delighted viewers to watch participants become singing, dancing stars! It is truly hilarious, and will be the hit of your party. This is fun-filled entertainment for everyone of all ages!


The participants can sing-a-song or just laugh and bob their heads to some great pop hits such as "I Feel Good", "Super Freak" , "I will Survive" and many more tunes from which they can participate alone, as a duet, or as a trio, but don't confuse Dance Heads with lip-syncing or karaoke! The outrageous effect is complete with fully animated backgrounds. With Danceheads you can create an event that guests will never forget. It is great for both retail and corporate events. See our updated Songs list and our Dance Heads brochure.

Each guest instantly receives a DVD copy of his or her performance to enjoy at home. We can even custom imprint your event theme and logo directly onto the front of the DVD's (not a label). You, the host, receives a master DVD of all the DANCE HEADS videos created during your event. Whether your event is a personal party, corporate event or fundraising gala, DANCE HEADS will help create a party your guests will never forget!

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How Can I reserve Danceheads? Just send us your information via our contact form or call us at (208) 658-3000 and one of our friendly danceheads specialist will give you a call or email you the information.