Imagination and Creativity Hit the Dance Floor

The essentials to a Great Dance

  1. Good Music
  2. A DJ that can mix
  3. An exciting atmosphere
  4. Amazing lighting

The DJ is essential to a great dance. The DJ must understand the psychology that goes behind the music. Not only that, but how to organize the music and mix it or blend it together so that it keeps the energy on the dance floor HOT!!! Much Like Professional or Club DJs do. Aardvark Entertainment has DJ's who have mastered this talent.

Be the first at your next event to experience the much talked about Silhouette Dance Contest "inspired by the Apple iPod commercial" "iPod" is a registered trademark of Apple Computer. Dance behind a rear projection screen with various colors and feel like you are the star in your every own iPod commercial

The Atmosphere must be EXCITING!!! We specialize in bringing themes and events to LIGHT. No one provides the environment or creativity quite like Aardvark Entertainment.